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10 Year Anniversary

Beaks Bird Minding
has just turned 10!

We'd like to say a big thank you to all our valued customers and we look forward to seeing you again soon.

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A fully licenced and registered business operating since 2006

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Why Choose Us?

Margaret and her carAbout Margaret

Margaret has been running Beaks Bird Minding for nearly 10 years.

Whilst Margaret has always loved birds, her desire to take 'the next step' was born out of her love for her rescued galah, Aussie, 23 years ago. It was this experience that made her realise how smart birds are. Unable to fly, she would be free range during the day and then brought in, in the evenings for TLC. Unfortunately her 17 year life was cut short when she toppled into the swimming pool whilst trying to have a drink on a hot day. Margaret was devastated.

Fortunately, 'Beaks' was already in full swing, so there were all these cute little faces trying to cheer her up on that day.

These days Margaret is a very busy lady, with a huge reputation for going the extra mile with the TLC. Word travelled fast that if you wanted a relaxing, safe place to leave your bird where the bird actually enjoys it holidays too, this is the only place to be.

Nowadays, though, she concentrates on the smaller, quieter birds no bigger than a galah, due to ongoing back problems. Moving large bird cages is not an option any more! No birds are kept outside either due to the increased activity of snakes in her garden.

Margaret has extensive experience with birds like Regent Parrots, Lorikeets, Peach Faces, Quaker Parrots, Indian Ringnecks, Alexandrine Parrots, Electus Parrots, Nanday Conure / Sun Conure and Australian Parrots of course!

Margaret hopes to see you soon!

"It is a relief to know my little bird will be safe, happy, and cared for as if she was at home.  She thrives at Beaks!"
Barbara Lowing, Kelvin Grove

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